Pale Ale<br />Mt Begbie

Pale Ale
Mt Begbie

$7.25 Sleeve | $26 Jug

Step into the flavorful realm of Mt Begbie's Pale Ale, where the inspiration flows as steadily as the river powering the Revelstoke dam. This English-style pale ale is a tribute to history, with a nod to the mighty Powerhouse nestled deep within the dam's confines. From the first pour, you're greeted by a beer that embodies craftsmanship and tradition. The secret lies in a generous portion of lightly roasted malt, which imparts a smoothness that sets this pale ale apart. Each sip is a journey, a surge of great taste that unfolds on your palate, revealing the character that comes from the perfect blend of malt and inspiration drawn from Revelstoke's rich heritage. Mt Begbie's Pale Ale isn't just a beer; it's a sip of history, a celebration in every bottle. Take a journey through time with each flavorful moment.

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Category: American Pale Ale